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Why Yelp Matters. The 80 year old Yelper

Online reputation and star ratings matter to HOA Board Members. How much? The only thing an 80 year old HOA board Member cares about, much. A couple of weeks ago an older gentleman walked into our Arizona HOA management company office and asked to speak to someone about HOA management services for his community association.


Zelle Pay for HOA Online Payments?

Anyone else noticing HOA members trying to pay HOA dues online using Zelle? In the last month at my HOA management company, Heywood Management, we’ve received at least 5 different payment claim request emails from homeowners trying to make HOA online payments through the digital payments network, Zelle. Yet, we manage homeowners associations that aren’t setup to


Good Communication is All About Timing, Platform, and Relevancy

The modern medium(s) available to transact information in the digital age doesn’t change the need to communicate, they only change the how; and, of course, the speed at which information is distributed and consumed. Cave drawings from the Paleolithic era are some of the earliest forms of communication. Drawings of animals, shapes, and people tell


Rent vs Buy Homeowners Association HOA

The Increase of Rental Property in Community Associations (HOAs) – The Subscription Economy

Originally posted on   The increase of rental properties throughout community associations and HOA’s is on the rise, there’s no doubt. And just because you’re a “tenant”, doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t care. When is the last time you bought a DVD? How about the last time you bought a CD? The preference of


Neighborhoody Manifesto – What We’re Building

Originally posted on We’re building Neighborhoody to simplify the way local communities and their organizations connect with and engage residents. Deep Roots I’m the fourth generation to work in a family owned & operated real estate business. My family’s business has fluidly shifted through multiple segments of the industry since the 1930’s, staking a


Tenant Quality Homeowners Association HOA Community Association

Part 2: A Higher Quality Tenant than in Year’s Past

Over the last 20 years, has the quality of a residential tenant, and or tenant-occupied unit, improved? Read Part 1 of this series Renters take a lot of flak in the HOA industry. “They don’t have a vested interest”, “They don’t care about our property like owners do”, etc, etc.… This article isn’t to argue


Part 1 : Rental Occupancy Ratios on the Rise

Rental occupancy ratios in homeowners associations are on the rise, but is it really such a “bad” thing? Homeownership by the Numbers Over the last 20 plus years, we’ve seen a dramatic rise and fall of the homeownership rate. Obviously, any somewhat educated person knows the real estate market is cyclical (it cycles and then


Embracing Self-Service Expectations for HOA Management

The ability to solve your own inquiry without human-to-human interaction is no longer a want – it’s an expectation. It’s no longer a fad, a wish, or bonus feature – it’s an expectation. If you’re in the Community Association or Common-Interest Property Management industry and haven’t pivoted to make a change by now, I wouldn’t