Online reputation and star ratings matter to HOA Board Members. How much? The only thing an 80 year old HOA board Member cares about, much.

A couple of weeks ago an older gentleman walked into our Arizona HOA management company office and asked to speak to someone about HOA management services for his community association. The guy was old school, clipboard in hand and prepared to get down to business.

Visualize this gentleman for a moment: White hair combover, clean shaven, high water khaki pants, button up long-sleeve shirt, white tube socks in a pair of Costco $20 velcro shoes, bent-over posture, walked slowly with a slight limp, and pop bottle glasses – exactly like your neighborhood grandpa or that guy from the Disney movie Up. I’m stereotyping to make a point – keep reading.

He didn’t even call or email before he shows up – how did he find us? We don’t get many of these types of visits anymore.

We sat down and went through his service matrix where our hoa management company was sized up against the local competition.

“Do you offer x, y, and z?” Check. Check. Check.

Once we got through his checklist, I noticed just one thing hand written on his paper in red. I couldn’t read it and I’m surprised he could considering how small it was written.

He said “I only have one concern. Your Yelp score.”

This guy only had one concern. Our online reputation on Yelp. We had a 1.5 star on Yelp.

This guy is 80 years old, comes in and says our Yelp score is the only thing that he has an issue with. His phone’s text size is XXXXL and he opens apps with his pointer finger.

Online reputation matters more now than ever. It never goes away, either. 

Yelp is the best online reputation platform right now because it can’t be gamed.

Yelp forces businesses who care to do better. It makes the good businesses better and the mediocre businesses worse.

Those that bring up your score shouldn’t worry you as much as those who never call because they passed during consideration.